Cargo Types

Seamless Solutions for a Variety of Cargo Types

At Navigator Cargo Agent, we go beyond conventional logistics, providing cutting-edge solutions for the secure and timely transport of different types of cargo.

Your Trusted Partner for All Types of Cargo

We manage different cargo types for you:

  • Plastics
  • Personal effects
  • Machines
  • Textile
  • Dangerous Goods
    Dangerous Goods
  • Diplomatic Cargo
  • Live Animals
  • Heavy Freight and Outsize Cargo

Discover the diversity of cargo handled by Cargo Agent Navigator across air cargo services, warehouse services, road transport services, and ground handling services.

Explore the limitless possibilities of fast and secure delivery with our cargo services, providing you with a reliable connection to destinations worldwide.  We specialize in the seamless handling of various types of cargo.

Plan your logistics with confidence – choose Navigator Cargo Agent.

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